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Tel: 316-305-6850

7131 S Broadway
Haysville, KS 67060



CNC plasma cutting

We have a 48"x 48" cnc plasma. Can cut material up to 1/2 thick mild steel, 3/8 thick aluminum and, 5/16 stainless steel plate. 

Welding, all metals 

Mig, Tig, Stick, Brazing 

Custom Metal Fabrication.

Custom design build and installation. 

Basic repairs on metal parts to production fabrication. 

Conventional Job Shop

We offer light machining or modification. Manual lathe, Manual mill drill. 

Mobile Welding

Mobile welding services available 

Free estimates 

Mobile Welding Services

We can do most welding processes on location. 

We also do on site trailer repairs and hitch repairs. 

Millwright services.

We Have 30 plus years experience in millwright work. We can install and remove conveyors and heavy equipment ranging from Fillers, packers, de-palletizers, palletizers, wrappers, ect. 

We can also custom build operator platforms and modify existing conveyor systems to fit your needs.