Tel: 316-305-6850

7131 S Broadway
Haysville, KS 67060

Our friendly, experienced staff will help you with any project. 


From industrial welding to the easiest fabrication, here at Arc-Pro Professional Welding Service, we've got you and your needs covered. No job is too big, no job is too small. We are available 24 hours a day. For emergency service please call until someone answers. 



Labor rates

Shop labor rate is $150 per man hour. $37.50 per quarter hour. (no minimum on shop time)

Mobile welding service is $200 per man hour with a one hour minimum charge.

Emergency and after hours services are charged at 1.5x normal rates.

Looking for a welder you can trust? Look no further! 


We’re committed to the craft of welding and serving you with honesty, quality, and value. 

About Us

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